Ground Support

A reduction, elimination, or redirection of the aircraft ground support equipment labor pool can be achieved. Outsourcing your aircraft ground support equipment maintenance can provide you with a number of benefits. We repair all types of ground support equipment.

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Luggage Tugs

Tugs are an essential component of ground support equipment. Crews use tugs to move any pieces of equipment that cannot move themselves. This includes passenger luggage carts.

Lavatory trucks

The vehicles are used to empty and refill the lavatories on board the aircraft. In flight, waste is stored in tanks. Between flights, lavatory trucks remove the waste and refill the tanks with water and disinfectants. Some airports have self-powered lavatory trucks, while others use tug-pulled carts.

Potable Water Trucks

A potable water truck provides an efficient way for crews to transport potable – or safe, drinkable – water to aircraft. After going through a filtration process, the water is stored on the vehicle, safe from the elements. The water truck features a pump that is used to move the water to the aircraft.

Baggage carts

Also known as dollies, baggage carts transport loose baggage, mail bags and cargo cartons between the aircraft and another location, such as the terminal or a sorting facility

Pushback Tractors

The pushback tractor is one of the most powerful pieces of equipment used for pushing airplanes away from the gate when they are about to disembark. They may also be used to tow aircraft to airport hangars, for example. Depending on the size of the airplane, tugs come in different sizes.

Belt loaders

Loaders with conveyor belts load and unload baggage and other cargo not stowed in containers. During operation, the belt loader is positioned at the door of the aircraft’s baggage compartment.

Container loaders

To keep up with airlines’ rigorous schedules, airport ground crews must load and unload cargo quickly and efficiently. For this task, crews use container loaders, which have a lifting platform and a descending platform. Pallets are then moved in and out of the aircraft by wheels underneath the cargo.


There are two types of aircraft refuelers: self-contained vehicles and mobile carts. Refueler trucks often carry up to 10,000 gallons of fuel due to aircraft fuel needs. Smaller carts are connected to a refueling truck by means of hydrants and can simplify refueling logistics for airports by allowing multiple options for refueling.

Ground Power Units

With ground power units, aircraft are supplied with electricity while parked. There are times when GPUs are built directly into the jetway for even easier access to power supplies. Depending on the aircraft, direct-current power requirements can range from 28 volts to 115 volts of alternating current at 400 Hz.

There are many types of GPUs for aircraft, including solid-state GPUs, diesel GPUs, and gas GPUs. In order to meet the power demands of aircraft, solid-state units convert AC power into DC power.

Air Start Unit

When an APU malfunctions, air start units are used to start the airplane’s engines. Gas turbine units, stored air carts, and diesel engine screw compressor units are three types of ASUs. In order to start the aircraft’s engines, all Air Start Units use high-pressure air.

Passenger Boarding, Steps, Stairs

There are several types of passenger boarding steps, including passenger boarding stairs, boarding ramps, stair cars, and aircraft steps. There are stairs required for safe access to the cabin and cockpit on most commercial aircraft because their door sills are up to 20 feet high. Several types of vehicles can push or tow small passenger boarding steps, but larger passenger boarding stairs are self-powered. More sophisticated units offer adjustable heights to accommodate a large range of commercial and private aircraft.

De-Icing Vehicles

In cold climates, aircraft de-icing vehicles may be required to prevent frozen water and freezing temperatures from affecting them. Anti-ice mixtures are applied to aircraft using specialized vehicles, such as de-icing vehicles. A special mixture of chemicals that melts ice and prevents it from building up on aircraft can be sprayed by de-icing vehicles using cherry-picker-like devices that can access the entire aircraft.

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