General Aviation

The General Aviation Maintenance Division of AvDyne AeroServices has serviced a wide range of aircraft in the Washington Baltimore metropolitan areas.  Throughout our company, we have always maintained quality standards and service offerings. When it comes to general aviation, if it flies- we fix it!

Why Choose Us

AvDyne AeroServices is certified by Cirrus Aircraft Corporation as a Cirrus Authorized Service Center (ASC) as part of our General Aviation services. AvDyne was acclaimed as “One of the Best Service Centers in the Northeastern United States.”

AvDyne possesses a highly skilled team of technicians with combined experience of over 75 years. Our A&P Mechanics receive on-going training for commercial, private, and Cirrus aircraft. As a Cirrus Authorized Service Center (ASC), aircraft needs are professionally addressed whether a minor oil change or a major engine overhaul. The technical team uses factory-approved troubleshooting tools and repair methods that ensure the highest quality of maintenance and repair work. AvDyne provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services for all sizes of aircraft.


  • Air conditioning service

  • AvDyne and Garmin Service

  • CAPS Overhaul

  • Composite and Paint Repair

  • Ice Protection System Maintenance

  • Oxygen service

  • Parts distribution

  • Major/Minor Alterations and Repairs

  • Speed and Performance Modifications

  • Appearance alteration

  • Major/Minor inspections

  • Fuel tank repairs

  • Bladder Installations and Reseals

  • Airframe corrosion inspections

  • Corrosion Treatment and Repair

  • System Troubleshooting: Electrical, Engine, Hydraulics, Pneumatics

  • Oil analysis

  • Plexiglas Replacement and Rejuvenation

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